In order to get the best out of our olives, without compromising on the high quality of the olive oils, we perfect an ancient art, use advanced technological means, use advanced knowledge and experience, and take care of every step of the process

The first stage – growing the olives: throughout the year we invest a lot of time and resources in growing the trees – we take care of them, prune them, water them, fertilize them and supervise them with the aim of bringing them to the day of the harvest in optimal condition. All this while adhering to the values of sustainable agriculture – preserving the soil, reducing toxic spraying materials and chemicals, using environmentally friendly materials, encouraging a population of natural enemies in the vineyard

The second stage – the harvest: the harvest is done by shaking the trunk of the tree without blows and blows that harm the fruit and collecting the olives from special sheets that keep them free of dirt and soil. In order to get maximum flavors and qualities, we harvest our olives early, in the middle of October (sometimes also during the night or early morning) in order to maintain a low temperature of the olives after the harvest, in order to maintain high quality until the harvest house

The third stage – stopping the olive oil: the stopping of the oil is done by cold pressing in a modern and sophisticated factory, which operates with the most advanced technology in the world. The production is done in small quantities and the process is carefully controlled in order to maintain the maximum quality of the oil.

The fourth stage – filtering and storage: in order to remove sediments that spoil the oil, we filter it. After that, we transfer the oil to stainless steel tanks, without oxygen and at a controlled temperature in order to maintain its quality throughout the year. Straight from the tanks, the oil is filled into dark bottles, which continue to protect it from light and oxygen until the moment it is poured in your kitchen