What is a blend?

As with any fruit, olives also have different varieties, and each variety has its own unique flavors and aromas. Most producers of high-quality olive oil in Israel produce single-varietal oils, that is, oils consisting of 100% of a certain variety of olives. We at Levant olive oil have decided to focus on a more complex craft of creating olive oils consisting of several varieties together, and we call them Blend.

Why should we produce blends?

Making a blend, despite the relative difficulty, allows us to take the unique properties of each variety, combine them and “make up” a more complete oil.

The blend production process

It all starts with an accurate selection of the strains. At Levant, we grow the varieties unique to the Levant region, to which we carefully match select European varieties. We harvest each variety at its optimal time and extract the oil from it in a way that suits it. After that we taste each oil separately with the help of qualified international oil tasters, rate the oils, choose the best ones, classify them according to the tastes and aromas and decide on the composition of each of the blends.