Olive oil, the gift of the goddess Athena to the people of Athens, is the essence of the Mediterranean Sea, the essence of life for those who live on its shores and in the mountains that surround them. It is one of the cornerstones of Mediterranean cuisine, it is the basis of Mediterranean cooking, and its finishing spice: from starters to dessert

The complexity of the taste and aroma of the olive oil allows it to be incorporated into any dish

  • Its bitterness creates flavor contrasts, emphasizes and makes them deeper
  • Its green aromas will bring salads to life, and enhance delicate dishes
  • The ripe aromas in it will integrate and deepen desserts, fruits, and pastries

It is recommended to try a combination of our olive oil with “less conventional” things, for example: summer fruit salad with “Ruch Yam” blend, mojito-style cocktail with “Green Fields” blend, citrus sorbet ice cream with “Green Fields” or cardamom vanilla ice cream with “Ruch sea”