In the picture: 
Yehuda Buck, farmer graduated from Kadori School, second generation in the farm

Our Story

Throughout Israeli and Jewish history, olive trees and olive oil are mentioned as symbols of peace, hope and abundance. The earliest evidence of olive oil production and the use of olives was found right here in the Land of Israel and its immediate surroundings, in the eastern region of the Mediterranean basin. This region used to be called the Levant, hence the name of our olive oil. The origin of the word Levant is in the French language and means “rising”, and in borrowing means “east” – the place from which the sun rises.

Our farm was established in 1932 and has been producing olive oil since 2001. Today, the fourth generation of the farm has already taken the reins, continuing the way of Hebrew agriculture and taking the professionalism and excellence to the next level.

We believe in a precise combination of varieties, in order to achieve a harmonious and special oil that utilizes the unique properties and advantages of each variety. To reach the perfect combination, we use professional olive oil tasters, one of the best in the world. Every year the team tastes all the different olive oils we produced, characterizes them strictly and chooses the right dosage for each blend.

Our olive groves are located on the hills of Hefer Valley, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and are managed according to the values of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture while preserving natural resources. Levant oil is produced in small quantities in order to ensure its quality, and has even won prizes and international competitions over the years.